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Gewurztraminer Alsatian variety with many characters ...

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Well-known wine, the Gewurztraminer flourishes admirably in our Alsatian vineyard!

It does not lack charm or qualities; complex aromas tinged with flowers, spices and exoticism make it possible to identify it with the first fragrances.

Bewitching & delicate he can reveal himself under several faces ... with measured roundness he is charmer,

in its dry version its peppery notes so characteristic are exacerbated.

And its faculty of expression of the Terroir and of guard makes of it one of the 4 Noble Alsatian grape varieties!

Gewurztraminer is more than just being served as an aperitif; let's be bold! It joins all the kitchens

of the world, he has the faculty of power and expression to sublimate

with all the flavors. An ideal partner for sweet and savory dishes, it supports the inventiveness of today's cusine and amazes your palate on the condition that you do not go exclusively to foie gras!

At Domaine Freyburger Marcel we had the audacity to marry him with chocolate; wonderful matching of flavors with our Gewurztraminer with surprising portraits,

and chocolates of different origins.

To read absolutely: our article Gewurztraminer Special published in this month of November, in Le Mag #DRINKALSACE .

Seasonal reading, as the Christmas time approach ...!


"Drink Different, #DrinkAlsace ! Buvez différent, buvez Alsace!"

Nathalie & Christophe FREYBURGER

Domaine FREYBURGER Marcel.