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The Essentials wines of Alsace


The Essentials 7 grape varieties from Alsace, from our plots of land, on sands and alluvial deposits, dry and gastronomic wines!

  1. Secs & légers
  2. Secs & fruités
  3. Secs & charpentés
  4. Sec & Coloré



From a harmonious blend of Chasselas, Riesling, Muscat and Gewurztraminer, to give a light, dry & fruity wine. In marriage on fish starters, cold meats, light dishes.



Light and refreshing with discreet fruitiness, a frank and delicate mouth built around a beautiful freshness. Dry, fluid and thirst-quenching wine, it brings a touch of liveliness in its weddings with shellfish, charcuterie, quiche, savoyard fondue or raw vegetables.


Pinot Blanc

A wine that opens quickly. It is based on a measured acidity that makes it a soft and light wine. Fresh and quaint, discreetly fruity, with notes of peach, apple and floral nuances. It perfectly expresses the aromas from grapes


vin Alsace essentiel Mosaique

vin alsace essentiel Sylvaner

vin Alsace essentiel Pinot blanc

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Dry wine, crisp & intensely fruity! In the mouth it is a wine of a texture and fresh, which cleans the crunchiness of the fruit. A spontaneous and fragrant wine, which opens the appetite as an aperitif, subtly accompanies grilled fish and is the best companion of asparagus in spring!


Elegant and fresh, with subtle fruity aromas (citrus, peach, pear, ...) and fruity (white flower, linden, ...) .It is a "vertical" wine built around a beautiful vivacity that we appreciate the beginning at the end of the mouth. Great wine of guard, it offers a range of gourmet chords, fish of rivers and sea, poultry and white meats or even fresh cheeses (sheep, goat ...)


vin Alsace Essentiel Muscat

vin alsace Essentiel riesling

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Pinot Gris Le Gastronome

It shines with its balance and its structuring freshness that come to temper its power. Discreet on the nose, light woody notes (aging in lightning of new oak on the lees), it is fleshy in the mouth and supported by a pretty tension that gives it fullness and length for a perfect balance. Fish, poultry, white meats, terrines will agree with this beautiful wine guard.


Powerful, exuberant and intensely aromatic, it has aromas of rose, citrus and spice on the nose. A dense wine on the palate, with a freshness reminiscent of spice aromas, it is long and persistent. Keeping the senses awake from the beginning of the meal It is an aperitif, but also spices, tajines, Asian dishes, cheeses (Munster, Maroilles, Livarot, ...) At the gourmet time of dessert it displays its inimitable fruity with fruit pies, exotic fruit curls and all moderately sweet desserts.

vin Alsace Essentiel Pinot gris

vin alsace Essentiel gewurztraminer

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Pinot Noir

Fresh and finely fruity with a pretty light red color. The nose opens with notes of red berries (currant, raspberry, sour cherry), the palate is lively, fine and balanced, with melted tannins that make it a delicate wine that plays its natural class! On a country buffet, barbecued meats in the summer, half cooked pasta cheeses, Pinot Noir will delight your taste buds!

vin Alsace Essentiel Pinot noit

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