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In the heart of nature Alsace wines


In the heart of nature... this range gives rise to so-called "natural" wines, that is to say from natural vinification with little or no inputs (sulphites, yeasts). Natural and pure, in order to taste a "natural" wine while keeping the original frame of the grape variety and the terroir. Pure, elegant and original packaging with "the corkscrew dragonfly", (label designed by local blogger Laurent Bessot - "Peinture au Vin Rouge")

  1. Riesling In the heart of nature
  2. Tête d’Orange-Gewurztraminer de Macération

Natural Riesling

“Imagine a south-facing Granitic hillside... Let a grape variety flourish there: Riesling. Treat it with respect and humility Produce a wine without input, Pure and elegant. Here you are in the middle of nature..."
A fresh, expressive, dry type wine. In agreement with raw fish, tajines, cheese with honey.

Riesling nature alsace

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Gewürztraminer natural

Head of Cuvée + Orange Wine = Head of Orange! A dry and spicy Gewurztraminer with an orange color. A color obtained by maceration of the pretty berries of Gewurztraminer, a surprising wine by its dress, its aromas, its palate. To be eaten young, with Asian dishes, for discovery.

Gewurztraminer nature alsace

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