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Familiarize yourself with Alsace and its wines! A tasting of 4 wines from our 3 AOCs will introduce you to the notions of terroir, grape varieties and plot selection.

Description: Become an expert on Alsace Wines!

Familiarize yourself with the AOCs, the grape varieties and the Terroir.

aoc terroir parcellaire

We invite you to visit our beautiful oak barrel cellar to reveal our secrets to our wine making. This warm place, rich in history, risks dazzling more than one with our wrath, some of whom are 110 years old.
We will continue this visit by awakening your senses through 4 wines selected from our 3 AOCs.
AOC Crémant d´Alsace, AOC Alsace and AOC Alsace Grand Cru? What does it mean ? You will have the opportunity to find out during this moment, but not only. You will also taste the different profiles of our Alsatian grape varieties. And we will explain to you the role of terroir in wines, what it represents and how we promote it through our wines.
You will be able to learn about wine tasting and familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of wine and Alsace wines. You will learn how to approach a wine by its color, its fragrance, its mouth and its structure!
We will accompany you throughout this tasting and answer all your questions.
A tasting booklet will be given to you, to accompany your taste experience.
This tasting commented by the winegrower is accompanied by a famous local specialty: Kougelhopf.


4 wines tasted
Duration: 1h00
Price from 6 to 30 people: 8 € per person
Package of 15 € per person with "VIP" reception, for 1 to 5 people
Dates & Times: Monday to Saturday, times: 11 am / 2:30 pm / 4:30 pm

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