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Thrive during a delicious Wine and Chocolate Tasting: the perfect match!
5 Wines, 8 Chocolates, unique combos that will amaze you ... but above all, your palate!

Description: After a presentation of the Alsatian vineyard and the history of the Domaine, we will take you to our beautiful cellar in oak barrels. This unmissable place will amaze more than one with our century-old thunderbolts.

vins et chocolats

This visit will be followed by the tasting of our carefully selected wines accompanied by chocolates of different origins. You will be able to live an original taste experience and amaze your taste buds with our tasting with perfect pairings between our Terroir Wines and Chocolates.
Each wine and each chocolate has been rigorously selected by us and the care of the local artisan chocolatier we work with. This master chocolate maker, named among the best, is very meticulous in making his delicious chocolates.
This experience combines pleasure, gluttony and culture! So why not take advantage of it?
And take your "tasting" booklet with you, in memory of this wonderful moment!

Two versions:
The "Medium": 3 wines and 3 chocolates rigorously selected with a local artisan chocolatier.
For a duration of 45 minutes
Minimum 2 people / maxi 12 people.
3 wines and 3 chocolates tasted
Price: 15 € per person
Dates & Times: reservations possible on Friday and Saturday: 2.30pm / 4.00pm
The maxi = "" Parenthèse Vigneronne ": 5 wines and 8 chocolates rigorously selected with an artisan chocolatier Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Duration: 2 hours
Minimum 2 people / maxi 12 people.
5 wines / 8 chocolates tasted
Price: 25 € per person
Dates & Times: reservations possible on Friday and Saturday: 10:45 am / 4:30 pm

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