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The cellar of Domaine FREYBURGER


Christophe constantly seeks a regularity, a consistency in his wines. This results in a selection of plots and a personalized follow-up. Here, each lightning or vat corresponds to a plot and will give a wine, a unique wine.

La cave du Domaine FREYBURGER

La cave du Domaine FREYBURGERThe grapes are manual with a sort to the plot. Vinification is traditional according to the specifications Bio. No crushing, Christophe prefers a pressing slow 5 hours in whole grapes.


The settling is done naturally, the control of the temperatures is permanent, in thunders and stainless steel tanks. The bottling is done in April for Crémant and the Essential Range, in July-August for the other ranges.


Christophe and Nathalie have invested in a storage room to allow more amplitude on the breeding in bottles, and the possibility to sell at the right moment.